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Songs of satire and sentiment on Revolve CD

RDS004 "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER" 25 songs written and delivered by Derek Strahan

Concert works on Revolve CDs

RDS001 "TODAY-YESTERDAY" String Quartet No 1 ("The Key"); Clarinet Quintet No 1 in D ("The Princess") John Gould, Irene Donohoe, violins; Jane Hazelwood, viola; David Pereira, cello; Alan Vivian, Clarinet

RDS003 "Rose Of The Bay" A Song cycle about Sydney. Lauris Elms, mezzo-soprano; Deborah de Graaff, clarinet; David Miller, piano.

Revolve CDs are produced in Australia by Derek Strahan.

Concert works on Jade CDs

Piano Trio No. 1 in F (commissioned for the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations) Joshua Tsai, piano; Stan Kornel, violin; Margaret Lindsay, cello. On JADCD1059 ("Autumn Pastorale").

"Voodoo Fire" for Clarinet, Synthesiser, percussion - Alan Vivian, clarinet; Susan Powell, keyboards; Michael Askill, percussion. "Atlantis" for flute & piano - Belinda Gough, flute/alto flute; Jo Allan, piano. Both works on JADCD1063 ("Voodoo Fire")

"Eden In Atlantis" Scena for soprano, flute & piano. Liza Rintel, soprano; Michael Scott, flute/alto flute; David Miller, piano. On JADCD1074 ("Eden In Atlantis")

Solo Cello Suite No 1 - Georg Pedersen, cello. On JADCD1081 ("Sanctus")

"Escorts" Trio for flute, alto sax & piano - the Berky Trio. On JADCD1085 ("Music For A Champagne Breakfast Vol. 1")

"China Spring" for cello & piano - Georg Pedersen, cello; David Miller, piano. On JADCD1088 ("Echoes, Fantasies")

"In The Attic" - a short piece in baroque style for string trio and flute. Gordon Bennett, violin; Winifred Durie, viola; Barbara Woolley, cello; Linda Vogt, flute. Released on two CDs - ("Twin Towers") ("Best Of Jade Classics")

Film music on Jade CDs

"Fantasy" (1990), "Cult Of Diana" (1992) computer scores on JADCD1073 ("Remembering Adrian Braun")

"Artisans Of Australia"(1986) - Suite of miniatures for Film Australia's award-winning series on traditional crafts. JADCD1054 ("Artisans Of Australia")

"Aliens Among Us"(1974) - music for Mantis Wild Life Film's ground-breaking documentary on Australian insect life, produced by Densey Clyne and Jim Frazier, using innovative micro-photography. On JADCD1060 ("Classics Of Australian Music").

"The Australian Ark" - music for Robert Raymond's wild life documentary series "Shell's Australia" (1969/73) - Suites 1/2 on JADCD1076 ("Afternoon Light"); Suite 3/4 on JADCD1078 ("Fandango"); Suite 5 on JAD1089 ("Dulcie Holland & Friends")

"On The Reef"(1969) - music for Robert Raymond's documentaries on Australia's natural wonder, the Barrier Reef, titled "Life & Death on the Barrier Reef", and "Save The Reef". Suite 1 on JADCD1057 ("The Glass House Suite"). Suite 2 on JADCD1061 ("Romantic Australian Classics").

"Trans Australia"(1968) - music for "Wheels Across Australia" (1968), documentary on Leyland Brother's transit of Australia by 4-wheel drive vehicle, produced for TCN-9 by Robert Raymond. Suite 1 on JADCD1065 ("Best Of Australian Classics"); Suite 2 on JADCD1076 ("Music For A Champagne Breakfast Vol. 2").

4 Songs of Peace, Love and Apprehension - Tracks 4,6,14,15 from "Take Me To Your Leader" RDS004 have also been released on "Auburn Splendour" JADCD 1092.

Jade CDs are produced in Australia by Robert Allworth.

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