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Derek Strahan operates through his company, Revolve Pty. Ltd. (Established 1972, ABN 56 000 979 733). Revolve is also the name of his CD label. Revolve has released 3 recordings of Strahan music, and has contributed recordings of Strahan works on the Jade label (run by composer-entrepreneur, Robert Allworth).The Jade catalogue currently stands at 75 releases, all devoted exclusively to the work of a wide range of Australian composers. Derek Strahan is pleased to be associated with Jade, and to offer for sale on this site a selection of Revolve and Jade CDs and some independent Australian releases. This site contains detailed information about CD content, press reviews, mini-biogs biogs on Strahan and Allworth, CD check list and details of payment method.

Special ordering arrangements are available for Australian & New Zealand libraries and educational institutions, to purchase by traditional methods, paying on Invoice. Click here for details.

STRAHAN SPIN-OFF SKILLS: Film Director (Feature/Documentary); Music Producer & Arranger; Scriptwriter(Film/TV), Librettist, Poet; Actor, Public Speaker, Lecturer.

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For details of Strahan's acting track record plus pics click on ACTOR.

For text of press articles by Strahan on music topics click on POLEMIC.

For details of work to date by Derek Strahan & work in progress please visit PORTFOLIO. This site gives: full biography; list of music scores; work in progress on specific projects; includes file on 'Atlantis' a 4-opera cycle, with concept, plotlines, overview & full bilbliography; examples of libretti, including excerpts from newly completed libretto for "Eden In Atlantis", the first of the Atlantis operas.


"Past Life Recall"
"Take Me To Your Leader"

"Auburn Splendour"
"Lines of Light"
"American Dream"


"Eden In Atlantis" - complete opera libretto
"Takeover" - complete opera libretto
"Public Poetry" - Anthology of Australian verse

I hope you will find some interesting reading on this site. The topics covered include music biography (see the Beethoven Files), ancient history, mythology, suppressed history, catastrophism (see Atlantis Opera Project), Australian Music History, Arts Controversies, and general topics from a composer's viewpoint (see Variations On A Racist Theme) (or Why Racism Doesn't Make Sense!). Wherever you go on this site you will also find suggestions for reading or listening at click points which will take you to amazon. com.

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Don't forget to visit my Bibliography, regularly updated with details of books I've read as part of my own researches. You'll find book cover links which will take you straight to Amazon, like the one below.

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