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While studying at Cambridge University (1954-56) Strahan acted in Shakespearian drama and in a fringe production of Ben Jonson's "The Alchemist" at the Edinburgh Festival. He followed this with stage and TV work in London until 1961, and also developed a capacity as a singer/song-writer, performing with guitar in clubs. In 1961 he translocated to Sydney, Australia, and continued as actor and singer/song-writer in combination with related work as writer, composer and director of film documentaries.

Over the intervening years he has played roles in Australian TV shows: "People In Conflict" "Homicide" "Number 96", "GP", and in the feature film "Fantasy" which he also wrote (1990), and which was released on video in Australia by First release for Columbia Tr-Star. In 1992 he took the lead role of Inspector Shanahan in "Cult Of Diana" which was shown by Channel 9 in Australia in 1996. He appeared in a cameo role in Combridge's "Reflections" (1997) which stars Kym Wilson, Vanessa Downing and Tim Elston.

Strahan continued his work as singer/song-writer until 1974, appearing in guest spots performing original topical songs on ABC's "This Day Tonight" (occasionally) and ATN-7's Breakfast Show (regularly during 1970). From 1970 this activity and acting took a back seat to TV scriptwriting. He was a contract writer for five years on "Number 96" penning over 200 hundred episodes, and wrote episodes of TV series "Glenview High", "Chopper Squad", "Cop Shop" , for Seven Network's children's program "Carrots!" , and for ABC's "Flying Start" (1986).

From 1985 Strahan has turned to film writing screenplays for three feature films:

"Leonora" (1985), "Fantasy" (1990) and "Cult of Diana" (1992), and also reactivated his acting appearances which, in addition to the above have included several commercials (Nabisco, Soul Pattinson, Benson & Hedges theatre ad, and Teddy Tidy voice over).

Since 1984 Strahan has run a weekly radio program on 2RES-FM 89.7 (Eastside Radio) in which he reviews opera, concerts, music theatre, theatre, film and CDs.

Recent thespian adventures include two appearances in the long-running TV hospital drama "All Saints", a non-speaker as a brain-damaged patient, then much later a speaking role as a car-damaged accident victim. Thrilling appearances in commercials range from a cheery chemist for the Soul-Pattinson chain, to an even cheerier pensioner in several Federal Government TV and print ads (see pics below).

Though not resulting in further starring roles to advance the electoral fortunes of the government, his appearance in these ads has brought him many offers of work as a house painter.

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